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Top 10 Holiday Home Decorating Trends for 2023

Holiday Decorated Tree and wrapped presents

The holiday season is just around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about those holiday decorations! Whether you're a traditionalist who loves classic Christmas decor or someone who likes to embrace new trends, we've got you covered.

1. Embracing Nature

According to Southern Living, Good Morning America, and Simple Living, one of the biggest trends for holiday home decor in 2023 is adding natural pieces to your rooms. Designers from the South are bringing the outside in by incorporating live garland, oranges, cranberries, pinecones, and wood elements.

2. Committing To The Classics

For those who love a truly traditional Christmas look, sticking to the classics is always a good idea. This year it's all about warm classic textures like felt stockings, quilted blankets, and sherpa throws which create a cozy, warm, and inviting atmosphere.

3. A Not-So-Traditional Color Scheme

Flamingo Holiday Decor

While red and green are considered mainstays for holiday decorations, 2023 is all about change. Living in Florida can make the change even easier with the warmer and greener weather since the color trend this year is shades of blue. Dark to medium blues pair well with golds, silvers, and creams. Make it tropical! Add white seashells and bleached starfish to your holiday décor! We even have pink flamingo “reindeer” lawn décor down here.

4. Adding Merry Flair To Surprising Places

This year, think beyond the living room and consider decorating unexpected rooms for the holidays. Add decor to your kitchen for a special touch. Hang garlands with oranges and layers of greenery on kitchen chandeliers or down the center of breakfast tables. Extend your décor to bathrooms with holiday candles and aesthetic bathroom accessories that match the colors throughout the home. By bringing holiday cheer to unexpected places, you'll create a festive atmosphere throughout your home and surprise your guests.

5. The 1950s are the new for 2023

Colorful vintage bubble string lights

Vintage decorations are making a comeback this holiday season. Embrace the nostalgia and hunt for unique items to add a touch of the past to your holiday decor. Look for brightly painted glass ornaments with 1950s style or hand-blown sets. These ornaments can be hung on your tree, placed in bowls throughout the house, or given as gifts. Complete the look by adding vintage and handed-down items to your holiday decorations.

6. Layering In A Festive Fragrance

Creating a memorable atmosphere for the nose is another key aspect of holiday decorating. Stovetop Potpourri is a great way to set the tone for the season without the harsh chemicals and the candle price tag, you probably have some of the ingredients already! Click here for a recipe.

7. Outfitting Guest Rooms With Christmas Spirit

Spread holiday cheer to your guests by decorating your guest bedroom with festive touches. Adding a small Christmas tree with white lights and a velvet ribbon topper or hanging wreaths on the windows. These simple additions will make your guests feel welcome and add a touch of Christmas magic to their stay.

8. Presenting Gifts In A More Sustainable Way

In a world that is becoming increasingly conscious of sustainability, finding eco-friendly alternatives for holiday gift wrapping is a great idea. Instead of using traditional wrapping paper, consider using leftover fabrics. Cotton plaids, tweeds, soft velvets, and linens can be perfect for creating gorgeous and reusable gift wraps. Tie with fabric ribbons and top with dried flowers for a rustic Christmas look.

9. Pure White Lights

Blue and white Holiday decorated tree Vintage decor

It’s going to be a truly white Christmas with white lights being the outdoor trend for this year. Accent with red bows, green garlands, or other white accents to create a visually striking look to your outdoors.

10. Glam Christmas Trees

Glam Christmas trees are stealing the spotlight this year as one of the top 10 Holiday Home Decorating Trends for 2023. Mix silver and gold ornaments, garlands, and toppers to create a luxurious tree. Whether you have a real tree or a fake one, adding shimmer and sparkle will elevate your tree's style.

Whether you prefer a traditional look, want to embrace new color schemes, or incorporate natural elements, there's a trend for everyone to try this holiday season.

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