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Remembering Veterans Through Wreaths Across America

3 Words For Our Veterans: Remember. Honor. Teach

It all started when a 12-year-old paper boy from Harrington, Maine, named Morrill Worcester, won a trip to Washington, D.C. Worcester visited Arlington National Cemetery and will never forget the headstones that stretched to the horizon. Still, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier made an indescribable impression on his young mind that would alter so many lives in his future. As he grew, he remembered that visit to our nation's capital and the veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice.

In 1992, The Worcester Wreath Company of Harrington, Maine, had a surplus of wreaths, and recalling that visit, he was inspired to lay the wreaths at their graves to honor those veterans. The quiet tradition continued over the years until a photo on the internet brought the tradition to light. In 2007, Wreaths Across America was founded.

The simple mission of the organization was confirmed y 3 words for our veterans:

A photo of one of the many 18 wheel trucks that carry wreaths across the county
Wreaths Accross America Convoy

Remember. Honor. Teach

Their goal of 226,525 wreaths was met by placing veterans' wreaths on every grave marker through sponsorships.

Five years later, the millionth wreath was placed, and today has grown to over 2 million volunteers with 3,700 participating locations across the globe. In 2022, 2.7 million veterans' wreaths have been set by more than 2 million volunteers, of which a third

were children.

December 16, 2023, is National Wreaths Across America Day. It's a day for remembering veterans through Wreath's Across America.

Arlington National Cemetery, Photo courtesy of Wreaths Across America
Arlington National Cemetery, Photo courtesy of Wreaths Across America

Today, Wreaths Across America's annual pilgrimage has become known as "the world's largest veterans parade."

WAA's mission is to remember the men and women who served our country, honor our military and their families, and teach our children about our freedom and those who

protect it. There are many ways to get involved, and Thanks to one of our residents, Pat

Wallace, who has led group sponsorship for Plantation Oaks of Ormond Beach. Our goal in remembering veterans through Wreaths Across America this year is 50. When writing this blog, we exceeded our goal by 26 wreaths, which is 52.3% over our goal! We will be Remembering and Honoring veterans at Volusia Memorial Gardens in Ormond Beach, Florida.

Please help us keep going to honor and remember as many fallen heroes as possible.

The deadline for our number of sponsored wreaths is November 1, 2023.

The 3 There are three ways you can help: please visit our sponsor page on WAA's website to order a wreath, volunteer to participate, and share this information to spread the word about this fantastic tradition. (or click here to learn more)

To read the complete story and learn more, visit Wreaths across America bu clicking on the logo below.

Make sure to follow their Facebook page.

Source details and photos provided by Wreaths Across America's website.

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